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BA English(Honours) all Year Old Papers(Compulsory and Elective)

Course TitleCourse Code
BEGC 101Indian Classical Literature
BEGC 102European Classical Literature
BEGC 103Indian Writing in English
BEGC 104British Poetry and Drama: 14th- 17th Centuries
BEGC 105American Literature
BEGC 106Popular Literature
BEGC 107British Poetry and Drama: 17th & 18th Centuries
BEGC 108British Literature: 18th Century
BEGC 109British Romantic Literature
BEGC 110British Literature: 19th Century
BEGC 111Women’s Writing
BEGC 112British Literature: The Early 20th Century
BEGC 113Modern European Drama
BEGC 114Postcolonial Literatures
BEGE 141Understanding Prose
BEGE 142Understanding Poetry
BEGE 143Understanding Drama
BEGE 144Understanding The Novel
BEVAE 181Envirnoment Studies
BEGAE 182English Communication Skills
BANS 183Tourism Anthropology
BEGS 183Writing and Study Skills
BPCS 186Managing Stress
BGDG 172Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture
ONR 003Water Harvesting, Conservation and Utilization
BPCG 171General Psychology
BPCG 172Youth, Gender and Identity
BPCG 173Psychology for Health and Well-being
BPCG 174Psychology and Media
BPCG 175Psychology for Living
BPCG 176Psychology of Gender
BPAG 171Disaster Management
BPAG 172Governance: Issues and Challenges
BPAG 173E-Governance
BPAG 174Sustainable Development
BSOG 171Indian Society: Images and Realities
BSOG 173Rethinking Development
BSOG 176Economy and Society
BABG 171Understanding Ambedkar
BPYG 171Applied Ethics
BPYG 172Philosophy of Religion

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