Create Your IGNOU ABC Account in 4 Simple Steps

Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) is a virtual/digital storehouse that contains the information of the credits earned by individual students throughout their learning journey. It will enable students to open their accounts and give multiple options for entering and leaving colleges or universities. If a student was studying but had to stop because of a problem, and they already passed some subjects, they can use those credits to continue studying at any university.

All learners of IGNOU are notified that they need to create ABC Id (Academic Bank of Credits) as they will have to provide ABC Id during filling-in Term-End-Examination (TEE) form
The IGNOU University will have to upload the results in the ABC Portal. it is made compulsory by the Government. Hence, creation of ABC by leamers is compulsory.

Here is The Step By Step Guide To Create IGNOU ABC Account

Step 1: Login into your IGNOU Account
First of all Login Your IGNOU Account By Enrolment Number And Password Link is Given Belwo

ignou login 1

Step 2: Click on ‘Create Account’
After logging into your IGNOU Account, you will find an option to create the ABC account. Click on the “create/Link YOUr Academic Bank of Credit (ABC) Account” link. You will be redirected to Digilocker. same as belwo Image

ABC Account Option 2

Now Click on “Click Here to Link/Create your ABC account Link same as belwo image

Screenshot 2024 02 11 at 13 12 27 Academic Bank of Credits Account Information

Step 3: Login With Your DigiLocker Account And Set Up ABC Account
if you dont have a digilocker account so create one first then On Digilocker, enter your Aadhaar Number or use your Aadhaar-linked Mobile Number to log in. Verify your login with OTP and proceed.

Screenshot 2024 02 11 at 13 16 27 DigiLocker Sign in
Screenshot 2024 02 11 at 13 19 50 DigiLocker Sign in

After logging in, you will find an option to Allow Simply Click On Allow Same as Belwo

Screenshot 2024 02 11 at 13 20 00 Consent

Step 4: Access your Academic Bank of Credit Information
Congratulations! You have successfully created your IGNOU ABC account. You can now access your ABC Number in your IGNOU Account, as shown in the image below. Make sure to keep it safe as you will need it while filling out exam forms.

IGNOU ABC Account Number 4

How to Create an ABC Account Using Digilocker 2nd Method

If you have trouble making your ABC account with the IGNOU Samarth Portal, you can make it using Digilocker. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official Digilocker website and log in to your account. If you don’t have a Digilocker account, create one first.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Search Document’ option and search for ABC. You will find multiple options, select ‘APAR/ABC ID Card – Academic Bank of Credits.’

How to create abc account step 1

Step 3: Fill in your details such as your name as per Aadhaar, your date of birth, gender, and other required information. In the institute option, choose your institute’s name.

How to create abc account step 2

How to create abc account step 3

Click on ‘Get Document,’ and you are done. Now you can download your ABC ID card.

Your ABC account has been successfully created. Here is the Sample of ABC id card same as below


That’s it! Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way to managing your academic credits efficiently with your IGNOU ABC account. If you encounter any difficulties along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to IGNOU’s student support services for assistance. Happy studying!


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