IGNOU Assignment Status and Marks, Result 2024

If you’re an IGNOU student then You might be trying to know and find out the submission status of your IGNOU assignment. An IGNOU assignment status is the status of assignments that a student has submitted at his study center.

Keep checking Your IGNOU assignment status regularly to find marks from here, as it may take some time to get updated online. The study center first evaluates the assignment and then sends the marks to the regional center. then the regional center updates the marks on the grade card. here is the session and status for the recent assignments you can check below

Jan 2024Submission started March 2024
July 2023Assignment Being Evaluated
January 2023Updated
July 2022 Updated
January 2022 updated
July 2021 updated

How To Check IGNOU Assignment Status

There are a few ways to check your ignou assignment status. One way is to log into your student account on the IGNOU website. Once you are logged in, you will be able to see your current assignment status. here is a step-by-step way to check the status online

  1. Go to the important link page.
  2. Type status in the search box.
  3. Click on the ‘Check Assignment Status’ link.
  4. Enter your enrolment number and the course code.
  5. Click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  6. Your assignment status will be displayed on the screen.
portal link to check status

Another way to check your IGNOU assignment status is to contact your study center. They should be able to tell you what is the status of your assignments. keep checking your Ignou account regularly to see if your evaluator has uploaded the assignment marks. here is the direct link to check the status.

Received To Be Processed Status


When you logged into the ignou assignment status portal if you see the status as received to be processed. it simply means that your Ignou assignment has been received by the university/study center and is now being evaluated by the teacher. This process can take a few weeks or months, depending on the evaluator or study center. Once your assignments have been evaluated successfully, then the ignou assignment status will be shown as check grade card status for details.

So, if you see that the status of your assignment is in the received to be processed status, don’t worry! It’s on its way and will be updated soon in your grade card.

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Checking Assignment status in grade Card


Once you’re logged in to the grade card, you’ll be able to see your grade card status. here you will see your assignment marks as well as your theory marks. If there is a problem with your status, you’ll not see your course code there. This could be because you didn’t submit all of the required assignments, or because there was a problem with the grading of your assignments.

Understanding Different status Meaning via table

Received to be processedAssignment has been Received and being evaluated
Check grade card status for detailsAssignment marks has been updated on the grade card

please remember before checking your IGNOU grade card status for assignment status, that grade cards are usually released about two months after the end of each examination cycle. So, if you’re checking your status for an assignment that was due in June 2024, you won’t be able to see your grade until August 2024 at the earliest.

Non-updating reasons of Assignment Marks

if you find that your Assignment status is not updated on the portal don’t worry. sometimes assignment status gets delayed for many reasons, like the evaluation of assignments being delayed at the study center, or maybe the regional center has not uploaded your assignment marks online.

One possible reason your IGNOU assignment status may not be shown in your grade card is that you submitted it in the wrong session. For example, if you’re in the BAG 2024 January session, then your assignments are due in September 2024. If you submit them in March 2024, they won’t be evaluated and your grade card won’t reflect that.

Another possible reason it could be that the student has written and submitted the wrong assignment. sometimes, IGNOU Students get confused in choosing the correct assignment question paper which they have to write and they mistakenly choose the wrong one and write that, so it can be the other reason for not updating the assignment status, so always download the proper assignment paper

What To Do If IGNOU Assignment Status Not Updated?

If you are not able to find your assignment status or marks even after the release of the TEE Result, you need to connect with the center where you submitted your assignments.

While visiting the study center please keep a copy of the grade card and your id card and the receipt of the assignment which you received while submitting the assignments. After you follow the instructions, they will tell you the proper reason that why your assignment status is not yet updated.
The coordinator of the IGNOU Study Centre is usually the best source of information for students regarding their pending assignment marks and status. if your issue is still not resolved then you can contact to your regional center.

I faced this problem during my graduation best solution for this problem is to submit your assignment again and tell them this time you will complain to your Regional Center and to the IGNOU university against them on the below address if they don’t update your assignment status.

Asst. Registrar (Assignment), SED, Block-3,
Grades/Marks Room No-12, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi110068 E-mail : assignments@ignou.ac.in
Ph. 29535924, Extn-1312, 1319, 1325

That is all about the status please comment below if you have any issues we will surely help you.

Thank you

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

How to check Ignou assignment has been received by the university ?

When You submit your assignment to your study center they provide you the submission slip after few weeks check your assignment status if you see your status as received to be processed then evaluator has been received the assignment and those being evaluated.

What to do if you think your assignment has been lost ?

If you think your assignment has been lost or misplaced, there are a few things you can do. First, check your email and see if your professor sent you a copy of the assignment. If you can’t find it there, check your course website or Blackboard. If you still can’t find it, contact your professor and ask for a copy.

When will the IGNOU assignment status 2022 be available?

IGNOU usually start updating assignment status in 30-60 days after the submission deadline is over. it depends on study center and regional centers how they work.


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