IGNOU BBARIL Study Material: Latest e-books Download Free

If you’re searching for IGNOU BBARIL study material, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can easily access and download the latest IGNOU BBARIL e-books and materials in PDF format. Our collection covers a wide range of disciplines offered within the IGNOU Bachelor of Business Administration (Retailing) (BBARIL) program, including Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, Mathematics, Hindi, Urdu, English, Sanskrit, Education, and Philosophy.

To access these e-books, simply click on the provided link, and you can start downloading the PDFs for free. By reading these materials, you’ll be able to enhance your understanding of the subjects.

These books are in English, Hindi, and other regional languages. You’ll find the right materials for you on the list, no matter your preferred language.

BBARIL COURSES PDF Books Download Link

1st Semester

Course CodeCourse Title
BCOE-142Principles of Marketing
BEGAE 182English Communication Skills
BRL 101Overview of Retailing
BRL 102Introduction to Retail Marketing
BRL 103Store Operations

2nd Semester

BRL 104Retail Management Perspectives and Communication
BRLP 101Internship,Work Book and Viva-Voce

3rd Semester

Course CodeCourse Title
BEVAE 181Environmental Studies
BRL 105Customer Service Management
BRL 106Managing Human Resources
BRL 107Buying and Merchandising-I
BRL 108Retail Operations and Store Management

4th Semester

Course CodeCourse Title
BRL 109Customer Value Management
BRL 110IT Application in Retail
BRLP 102On the Job Training, Work Book and Viva-Voce

5th Semester

Course CodeCourse Title
BCOS 185Entrepreneurship
BRLP 111Retails Consumer Behavior
BRL 112Buying and Merchandising-II
BRL 113Business Ethics
BRL 114Visual Merchandising and Store Planning

6th Semester

Course CodeCourse Title
BCOS 184E-Commerce
BRL 115Retail Supply Chain Management
BRLP 103On the Job Training, Workbook and Viva-Voce

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