IGNOU MA Hindi(MHD) Previous Year Question Papers

If you’re looking for IGNOU MA Hindi(MHD) Previous Year Question Papers for your upcoming December 2022 Examination, you can find them here. we have uploaded the last 10 years old question paper here from all the semesters/Years of IGNOU Master of Arts (Hindi)/MHD Just click on the link and download the PDF for free. solving these(MHD-1 to MHD24) old year exam papers will help you understand the syllabus better and give you an idea of the types of questions that are asked in the exam.

MHD Old Papers List and Download Links

Course CodesCourse Title
MHD-1Hindi Kavya-I
MHD-2Adhunik Hindi Kavita
MHD-3Upanyas Evam Kahaniya
MHD-4Natak Evan Anya Gadhya Vidhay
MHD-5Sahitya Sidhant Evam Samalochan
MHD-6Hindi Sahitya Evam Basha Ka Ethas
MHD-7Hindi and Science language
MHD-9kahani svarup or vikas
MHD-10Premchand ki Khaniya
MHD-11Hindi Kahani
MHD-12Bhartiya Kahani
MHD-13Upanyas: Sarup Aur Vikas
MHD-14Hindi Upanyas-I
MHD-15Hindi Upanyas-II
MHD-16Bhartiya Upanyas
MHD-17Bharat Ki Chinhit Parampary And Dilhit Sahittiye
MHD-18Dilhit Sahittiye Ki Awodhary And Sowroup
MHD-19Hindi Dalhit Sahittiye Ka Vikass
MHD-20Bharat Bhashow May Dilhit Sahitiye
MHD-21Meera Ka Vishesh Adhyayan
MHD-22Kabir Ka Vishesh Adhyayan
MHD-23Madhyakaleen Kavita-1
MHD-24Madhyakaleen Kavita-2

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