Download IGNOU assignment Question Paper 2023 Session

There are many students who are searching for the IGNOU assignment question paper online. But, it is not easy to find the paper on the official website. that is why we have provided the direct link to the question paper to download. So, if you are also searching for the assignment paper, then you can find that here easily just by searching your programme or course code.

Note:-All Assignments papers available here are from the Official IGNOU website. if you are confused between 21-22 or 22-23 which session question paper you have to download then, please Read This

Programme/Course Code Download Links
M.A. Economics 1st Year (MEC-001 to 105 and) Download
M.A. Economics 2nd Year ( MEC-006 to 109 And MECE-001, 003,004) Download
M.A. History 1st year (MHI-01 to MHI-04 ) Download
M.A. History 2nd year (MHI-03 to MHI-10 and MPSE-003, mpse-004) Download
M.A. Political Science 1st year (MPS-001 to MPS-004) Download
M.A. Political Science 2nd year (MPSE-001 to MPSE-013, MED-002,008, MGP-004, MGPE-007,008, 010,011,013) Download
M.A. Philosophy 1st Year(MPY-001 and MPYE-001 to MPYE-007)() Download
M.A. Philosophy 2nd Year(MPY-002 and MPYE-008 to MPYE-016)() Download
M.A. Psychology 1st year(MPC-001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006) Download
M.A. Psychology 2nd year (MPCE - 011, 012, 013, 021, 022, 023, 031, 032, 033) Download
M.A Gender and Development Studies 1st Year(MGS-001 to MGS-005) Download
M.A Gender and Development Studies 2nd Year (MGSE-001, 002,003,004, 006, 007,009,010, 013,020) Download
M.A. Public Administration 1st year (MPA-011 to MPA-014) Download
M.A. Public Administration 2nd year (MPA-015 to MPA-018, MSO-002 and MPS-003) Download
M.A. RURAL DEVELOPMENT 1st year (MRD-101 to MRD-004) Download
M.A. RURAL DEVELOPMENT 2nd year (MRDE-101 and MRDE-002,003,004, RDD-6,7) Download
M.A. Sociology 1st year (MSO-001 to MSO-004) Download
M.A. Sociology 2nd year (MSOE-001 to MSOE-004 and MPS-003, MPA-016) Download
M.A DISTANCE EDUCATION 1st Year (MDE-411, 412, 413, 414, 418, 518) Download
M.A DISTANCE EDUCATION 2nd Year (MDE-415, 416, 417, 419,MDEP-520 Project) Download
MPB (MBA Banking & Finance) (MS-01 to MS-11 and MS-424,MS-494, MS-495,MS-423, MS-425) Download
PGDHRM,PGDFM, PGDOM, PGDMM,PGDFMP (MS-01 to MS-95 and MFP-001, 002,003) Download
MBA Banking & Finance Special Set)(MS-25 to MS-97 And MFP-04 ,05,and MS-611, 612) Download
MBA NEW (mmpc-001 to mmpc-014 Download
MSWC 1st year English(MSW-001, 002,005,008, 009) Download
MSWC 1st year Hindi(MSW-001, 002,005,008,009) Download
MSWC 2nd year English(MSW-012, 013,014,015,016) Download
MSWC 2nd year Hindi(MSW-012, 013,014,015,016) Download
M.A. in Translation Studies 1st Year(MTT-010 to MTT-017) Download
M.A. in Translation Studies 2nd Year(MTT-018 to MTT-021) Download
M.COM 1st year (IBO-01 to IBO-06) Download
M.COM 2nd year (MCO-01,03, 04,05,06,07) Download
M.COM 2nd year Hindi (MCO-01,03, 04,05,06,07) Download
MEG (MEG-01 to MEG-016) Download
M.A Hindi (MHD) (MHD-01 to MHD-20) Download
M.Com (F&T)(IBO-01, 02,06 And MCO-01,03,04, 05,06) Download
M.Com (BP & CG) (IBO-01,02,06 And MCO-01,03, 04,05,06) Download
M.COM(MA&F) (IBO-01,02,06 And MCO-01,03,04, 05,06) Download
MLIS English(MLI-101, 102 MLII-102- 104, MLIE-101-106) Download
MLIS Hindi(MLI-101, 102 MLII-102- 104, MLIE-101-106) Download
M.Sc(DFSM 1st year)(MFN-001 to MFN-010) Download
M.Sc(DFSM 2nd year)(MFN-004, MFN-005, MFN-007, MFN-009) Download
M.A. Education 1st year (mes-011 to mes-016) Download
M.A. Education 2nd year( mes-102, 104 mes-111- 115, mes-031-034, mes-041, 043,mae-001, 004) Download
MASTER DEGREE IN SOCIAL WORK 1st year (MSW-001 to 006 MSWE-010, MSW-032) Download
MASTER DEGREE IN SOCIAL WORK 2nd year (MSW-007 to 010 , MSW-017, MSWE-001,002, 003, MSWE-007) Download
M.Sc MACS all Sem (MMT-001 to MMT-007,MMTE-001 to MMTE-004) Download
Masters in Anthropology MAAN 1st year Download
Masters in Anthropology MAAN 2nd year year Download
M.Sc.(CFT 1st year )(MCFT-001 to MCFT-005)) Download
M.Sc.(CFT 2nd year) (MCFT-006,007, MCFTE-001, 002,003))) Download
MAAE(mae-001 -003 ,mes-016, mae-004,005, maee-001 ,002,MESE-061, 062) Download
MAGPS English (MGP-001 to MGP-005 and MGPE-006 to MGPE-016) Download
MAGPS Hindi (MGP-001 to MGP-005 and MGPE-006 to MGPE-016) Download
MAWGS All Sem (MWG-001 to MWG-011) Download
MADVS( MDV-101 to MDV-011 MEDS-041 MEDS-042) Download
MAJMC 1st year(MJM-021 to MJM-025) Download
MAJMC 2nd year(MJM-026 to MJM-031) Download
MSK (MSK-001 MSK-002 MSK-003 MSK-005) Download
MSCENV (MEV-011 t0 MEV-013) Download
MSCENV (MEVE-011 t0 MEVE-019) Download
MSCENV (MEV-014 t0 MEV-016) Download
MA(MA in Folklore and Culture Studies) (MAFCS) Download
MSCIS Master of Science (Information Security) 1nd sem Download
MSCIS Master of Science (Information Security) 2nd sem Download
MACSR 1st year (Master of Arts in Corporate Social) Responsibility Download
Master of Arts in Urban Studies(MAUS meds 41 42 43 46) First Year Download
MCA old All SEM Assignments Download
MCA new All SEM Assignments Download
MSCRWEE 1st Sem(MRW-001, MRW-002,MED-003,MST-001) Download
MSCRWEE 2nd sem Sem(MRW-003 MRW-004 MEV-003) Download
MADP 1st sem(MVA-020, MVAL-021,MVAL-022) Download
MADP 2ND SEM sem(MVA-023, MVAL-024,MVAL-025) Download
MAEOH(MEV-001,MEV-002, MEV-003,MEV-004,MEV-005, MEVE-001,MEVE-002,MEVE-00, MEVE-004 Download
write Download
BCA ALL SEM Assignments Download
ACC (ACC-1) Download
ANC English|Hindi (ANC-1) Download
B.Sc(G) CBCS Download
B.Sc Biochemestry Honours (Hindi|English) Download (English) Download, (Hindi) Download
B.Sc in Hosp&Hotel BHM(TS-1,3, 6,7,BEGE-103) Download
[B.Sc.N. (PB)] Post Basic Bachelor of Science in Nursing Download
B.Com(G) CBCS (BCOC-131 to BCOC-138, AECC-181/ BEVAE-181 BCOLA-138, BCOS-184) Download
B.Com English Download
B.Com Hindi Download
B.COM(A&F) English|Hindi Download
B.COM(CA&A) English|Hindi Download
B.COM(F&CA) English|Hindi Download
BAG(History, Maths,Hons, Poli, psy all) Download
B.A_New CBCS and BSCANH Download
BDP/B.A. (History, Foundation, Hindi Elective) Download
B.A (Mathematics English) Download
B.A (Mathematics Hindi) Download
B.A Psychology (BPC) Download
B.ed 1st year (BES-125, BES-142, BES-144) Download
B.ed 2nd year (BES-126, BES 129, BESE-131, 132,135) Download
BLIS English (BLI-221 to BLI-225, BLIE-226 to BLIE-229) Download
BLIS Hindi (BLI-221 to BLI-225, BLIE-226 to BLIE-229) Download
BSW 1st Year (BSWE-001) Download
BSW 2nd Year (BSWE-002, BSWE-004) Download
BSW 2nd Year (BSWE-003, BSWE-005, BSWE-006) Download
BSWG (BSW-121, BSW-122, BSW-123) Download
BTS 1st year (TS-1,TS-2) Download
BTS 2nd year (TS-4,TS-5) Download
BTS 3rd year (TS-3,TS-6, TS-7) Download
BBA Retail 1st Year(BRL-001, 002, 003,004) Download
BBA Retail 2nd Year(BRL-006, 007,008,ECO-01, BCOA-01,AMK-01) Download
BBA Retail 3rd Year (BRL-010,011, 012,013, 015 ) Download
BRPA_(BDP) Download
BANC-131,132, 133,134(in Anthropology) Download
BECC-131 to BECC-114(in Economics ) Download
BEGC-131 to BEGC-114 (in English Discipline) Download
BANC-101 to BANC-114 (in Anthropology ) Download
BECC-101 to 107 (in Economics) Download
BEGC-101 to 108 (in English Discipline) Download
BHIC-131 to 134 (in History) Download
BMTC-131 to 134 (in Mathematics) Download
BHDC-131 to 134 (in Hindi Discipline) Download
BHIC-101 to BHIC-114 (in History) Download
BHDC-101 tO 107, BHDC-183 (in Hindi Discipline) Download
BPCC-131 to 134 (in Psychology) Download
BSKC-131 to 134 (in Sanskrit Discipline) Download
BPSC-101 to BPSC-114 (in Political Science) Download
BPCC-101 to 107 (in Psychology) Download
BSOC-131 to 134 (in Sociology) Download
BUDC-131 to 134, BUDLA-135 (in Urdu Discipline) Download
BPAC-101 to BPAC-114 (in Public Administration) Download
BSOC-101 to BSOC-114 (in Sociology) Download
BPYC-131 to 134 (in Philosphy) Download
BESC-131 to 141 (in EDUCATION) Download
PGDIBO (English IBO-001 to 006) Download
PGDIBO(Hindi IBO-001 to 006) Download
PGJMC(MJM-020 to 025 Download
PGDRD(MRD,RDD, MRDE Assignments) Hindi,English Download
PGDHHM Download
PGDGM Download
PGDMCH Download
PGDLAN Download
PGDAPP (MJM-001 to 003 English) Download
PGDAPP (MJM-001 to 003 Hindi) Download
PGDIPR (MIP-101 to MIP-108) Download
PGDESD (MED-001 to MED-008) Download
PGDCFT (MCFT-001 to MCFT-006) Download
PGDSS (MSD-011 TO MSD-016) Download
PGDBP (MBP-001 to MBP-007 Download
PGDHE (MES-101 to MES-104 English) Download
PGDHE (MES-101 to MES-104 Hindi) Download
PGDDM (MPA-001 to MPA-007 English) Download
PGDDM (MPA-001 to MPA-007 Hindi) Download
PGDSLM (MES-004 to MES-008 English|Hindi) Download
PGDFSQM (MVP-001 to MVP-004 and MVPI-001) Download
PGDET (MES-131 to MES-134 and MES-031-034) Download
PGDFCS and MAFCS Download
PGDAE(Post-Graduate Diploma in Adult Education) Download
PGDPSM(MVE-1 2 3 4 5 6) Download
PGCAP (MNR-001, MNR-002,MNRE-015,MNRE-016) Download
PGDEMA (MES-041 to MES-048) Download
PGDAC (MCH-001 to MCH-004) Download
PGDCJ (MLE-011 to MLE-15) Download
PGCMHT (MTT-001, MTT-004, MTT-005) Download
PGCMHT Project (mttp-002) Download
PGCBHT (MTT-001, MTT002,MTT003) Download
PGCBHT Project (mttp-001) Download
PGDAST (MST-001 TO MST-005 and MSTE-001, 002 and MSTL-001, 002) Download
PGDIS (MSEI-021 TO MSEI-027 and MSE-024) Download
PGDPPED (MES-081) Download
PGDHIVM(Post-Graduate Diploma in HIV Medicine ) Download
PGDUPDL (MEDS-041 TO MEDS-044 and MEDSE-046 English) Download
PGDUPDL (MEDS-041 TO MEDS-044 and MEDSE-046 Hindi) Download
PGDMH (MPC-051 TO MPC-054) Download
PGDCOUN (MSW-001 and MSW-012 TO MSW-016 English) Download
PGDCOUN (MSW-001 and MSW-012 TO MSW-016 Hindi) Download
PGDWGS/MAWGS (MWG-004 assignment) Download
PGDWGS/MAWGS (MWG-001 assignment) Download
PGDWGS/MAWGS (MWG-002 assignment) Download
PGDWGS/MAWGS (MWG-003 assignment) Download
PGDGPS English (MGP-001 to MGP-004 and MGPE-006,007, MGPE-009,MGPE-014) Download
PGDGPS Hindi (MGP-001 to MGP-004 and MGPE-006,007, MGPE-009,MGPE-014) Download
PGDLAN (MLI-001 to MLI-007) Download
PGDEOH (MEV-001 to MEV-004 and MEVE-001 to MEVE-004) Download
PGDCA_SEM_1 (MCS-011 to MCS-015 and MCSL-016,017) Download
PGDCA SEM_2 (MCS-021 to MCS-024 And MCSL-025) Download
PGDAW (MAW-001 to MAW-004) Download
PGDCA NEW (MCS-201, MCS-202, MCS-203, MCSL-204, MCSL-205) Download
PGDCSR (MEDS-051 to MEDS-054 And MEDSE-046) Download
PGDT (pgdt-01 to 04) pgdt-05 (projcet) Download
PGDDVS ( MDV-101, 102 ,103,106, 109,004) Download
PGDDC ( MDC-001 to 005 MDCE-006) Download
PGCAR(MTTP-003 Project Guide2022) Download
PGDNLEG(MEG-05, 08, 09, 12 & 19) Download
PGDAML(MEG-05, MEG 06, MEG 11, MEG 17 & MEG 18) Download
PGDBLT(MEG-01, 02, 03 & 05 Download
PGDWM(MEG-05, 13, 14 & 16) Download
PGDNOV(MEG-03, 05, 11 & 19) Download
PGDWI(MEG-05, 07, 10 & 14) Download
PGCIPWS(MWR-01,MWR-02,MWR-03) Download
PGDIDM(MNM-011 MNM-012 MNM-013 MNM-014 MNM-015) Download
DCE(DCE-01 DCE-05) Download
DDT English (BPVI-011 to BPVI-018) Download
DDT Hindi (BPVI-011 to BPVI-018) Download
DECE (DECE-1 to DECE-3 Hindi|English) Download
DMT English (BPVI-021 to BPVI-028) Download
DMT Hindi (BPVI-021 to BPVI-028) Download
DNA(BNS-011 And BNS-012) Download
DNA(BNS-013 And BNS-014) Download
DNHE(DNHE-1 to DNHE-3 English|Hindi) Download
DTS English(Ts-01 to TS-03) Download
DTS Hindi(Ts-01 to TS-03) Download(NOT A)
DVAPFV English(BPVI-001 to BPVI-008) Download
DVAPFV Hindi(BPVI-001 to BPVI-008) Download
DWED (BWEE-004, BWEE-005 & BWEE-012-English) Download
DWED ( BWEE-004, BWEE-005 & BWEE-012- Hindi) Download
DWED (BWEF-002, BWEE-006, BWEE-007,BWEE-008 English) Download
DWED (BWEF-002, BWEE-006, BWEE-007, BWEE-008 Hindi) Download
DIR (BRL–001 to 004 ) Download
DUL (OUL-003, OULE-001, OULE-002, OULE-005, OULP-001) Download
DWM English (BNRI-101, BNRI-105, BNRI-106, BNRI-107) ) Download
DWM Hindi (BNRI-101, BNRI-105, BNRI-106, BNRI-107) ) Download
DAQ(BAQ-001 BAQ-002 BAQ-003) Download
DFPT (BPVI-041 to BPVI-045 and BPV-046) Download
DBPOFA(BPOI-001 to BPOI-007) Download
DIPP English (BLE-001 to BLW-004 and BLEP-001) Download
DIPP Hindi (BLE-001 to BLW-004 and BLEP-001) Download
DPLAD(bpr-001 to 005) Download
DTG (DTG-001, DTG-002, DTG-003, DTG-004) Download
DEVMT (BHC-011 to BHC-015) Download
PGDDM (MDV-101 to MDV-109) Download
DVAPFV English (BPVI-001 to BPVI-008) Download
DVAPFV Hindi (BPVI-001 to BPVI-008) Download
DHORT(BAP-002, BAPI004 to BAPI-007) Download
DPVE (BEDS-001 to BEDS-005)) Download
DMOP(BSSI-011 BSSI-012 BSSI-013 BSSI-014 BSSI-014) Download
DTH(BTH-001 BTHL-002 BTHL-003 BTHI-004 BTHI-005) Download
PGCGPS English (MGP-001, 005,MGPE-007,008) Download
PGCGPS Hindi (MGP-001, 005,MGPE-007, 008) Download
PGCAE(MAE-001) Download
PGCGI(MGY-001 MGY-002,MGY-003) Download
PGCCL(MIR-011 to MIR-014) Download
PGCCC(MEV-021 to MEV-025) Download
CSWM(BEV-001, 002,003) Download
PGCINDS(MIS-021 to MIS-021) Download
PGCMDM(MME-011,MME-012) Download
ACPSD Download
CAFE/DAFE English( BFE-101,102, BFEE-101 to BFEE-104 ) Download
CAFE/DAFE Hindi( BFE-101,102, BFEE-101 to BFEE-104 ) Download
CFL(BFLI 001, 002,003) Download
CDM English (CDM-01,02) Download
CDM Hindi (CDM-01,02) Download
CES English (TS-5,AHE-01) Download
CFE (BEG-004, BEG-005, BEG-006) Download
CFN English| Hindi (CFN-1,2,3) Download
CHCWM(BHM-101, 102, BHME-101 to BHME-106) Download
CRUL(ORU-001, ORUL-002) Download
CAL(BAL-001, BAL-002) Download
CHR English (CHR-11,12) Download
CHR Hindi (CHR-11,12) Download
CIG English (NES–101 to NES-104) Download
CIG Hindi (NES–101 to NES-104) Download
CIS English (BLP-001, BLPI-104, BPI-002,003) Download
CIS Hindi (BLP-001, BLPI-104, BPI-002,003) Download
CNCC (CNCC-1,2) Download
CFAID(BNS-40) English Download
CFAID(BNS-40) Hindi Download
CKLC(BKL-001, BKL-002) Download
COF English (BAP-001, BAPI-002) Download
COF Hindi (BAP-001, BAPI-002) Download
CRD (MRD-101, MRD-102, MRD-103) Download
CTE (CTE-01, 02,03) Download
CTE (CTE-04, 05) Download
CTPM English |Hindi (AMT-01,LMT-01) Download
CTS English (TS-01, TS-02) Download
CTS Hindi (TS-01, TS-02) Download
CCR English (BJM-001, BJM-002) Download
CCR Hindi ( BJM-001, BJM-002) Download
CUL(OUL-001, OUL-002) Download
CCP/CPI (CPI-101, 102,103) Download
CWHM English (ONR-001, 002,003) Download
CWHM Hindi (ONR-001, 002,003) Download
CPF English (OLP-001, OLPI-001,002) Download
CPF Hindi (OLP-001, OLPI-001,002) Download
CIT(CIT-001, 002,003, CITL-001) Download
CNM ( BMS-001, 002,003) Download
CETM ( OEY-001, 002,003) Download
CVAP (OVA-001, 002,003, OVAL-004, 005,006) Download
CVAA (OVA-001, 002,003 ,OVAL-004, 007,008) Download
CPATHA (OTH-001, OTHL-002, 003,004, OVA-001,002) Download
CCPD (OEE-001 OEE-002) Download
ACPDM (BEE-001 BEE-002 BEE-003) Download
CIHL (BLE-035 ,036,037, BLEPP-038: PROJECT) Download
CCLBL (BLE-011 to BLE-014 ) Download
CAHC (CNS AH-001 CNS AH-002) Download
ACISE (OSEI-041 TO 044) Download
CIB English (OAPI-011,012, 013) Download
CIB Hindi (OAPI-011,012, 013) Download
CSWCJS English (MSW-031,032) Download
CSWCJS Hindi (MSW-031,032) Download
CAHT English (BLE-031,032,033) Download
CAHT Hindi (BLE-031,032, 033) Download
CHBHC English (CNS-HC-001) Download
CHBHC Hindi (CNS-HC-001) Download
PGCPP (MIR-021, 022,023) Download
CPVE (CPVE-BEDS-001, 003) Download
DCCN(BNS-32) Download
DCCN (BNS-31) Download
CCITSK (BPOI-006, BPOI-007) Download
CMCHN (BNS–117) Download
CLTA English (BAB-101,102, 103,104) Download
CLTA Hindi (BAB-101,102, 103,104) Download
BPCCHN/CCH (BNS-41,BNS-42) Download
CLIS (BLI-011, BLII-012, 013,014) Download
CJL (BJLI-001, BJLI-002, BJLI-003, BJLI-004) Download
CTRBS (BSW-041, 042,043,044) Download
CSLC (BSL-001,002) Download
CFDE (BFDI-071, 072,073 BFD-074) Download
CPY (BYG-001, 002) Download
CGL (BGL-001, BGL-002, BGL-003) Download
CPEL (BPEL-011, 012) Download
CGDA (BHT-001, 002) Download
CHHA (BHT-016, 017) Download
CPSCM English (BGP-002,003) Download
CPSCM Hindi (BGP-002,003) Download
CGAS (MGS-041, 042,043) Download
CMAD (BCS-091, 092,093, 094,BCSL-091) Download
CSWATT (bwa-001 to 004 bwap-001 project) Download
CGCA (bht-006 ,007) Download
CPHA (bht-11,bht-12) Download
SSB (SSB-001 to 003) Download
CPT(Es-201 t0 204) Download
BEVAE-181/ AECC-181(ENG) Download
BEVAE-181/ AECC-181(Hindi) Download
BCOC-131 to BCOC-138 Download
BCOLA-138 Download
BCOS-184 Download
BPHCT-131, BPHCT-133, BPHCT-135, BPHCT-137 (Physics) Download
BBYCT-131, BBYCT-133, BBYCT-135, BBYCT-137 (Botany) Download
BGYCT-131, BGYCT-133, BGYCT-135, BGYCT-137 (Geology) Download
BMTC-131, BMTC-132, BMTC-133, BMTC-134 (Math) Download
MMT-008, MMTE-007 (Math) Download
BGGCT-131, BGGCT-132, BGGCT-133, BGGCT-135 (Geography) Download
BZYCT-131, BZYCT-133, BZYCT-135 , BZYCT-137 (Zoology) Download
BCHCT-131, BCHCT-133, BCHCT-135, BCHCT-137 (Chemistry) Download
BMYLA-135 (Malayalam) Download
BEGC-131, BEGC-132 (English General) Download
BEGLA-135, BEGLA-136, BEGLA-137 (English General) Download
BEGLA-138 (in MIL Courses) Download
BHDC-134 (in Hindi Discipline) Download
BHDLA-135, BHDLA-136, BHDLA-137 (Hindi) Download
BHDAE-182 (Hindi) Download
BHDC-133 (Hindi) Download
BSKC-131, BSKC-133 (Sanskrit) Download
BSKLA-135 (Sanskrit) Download
BEGC-101, 102, 103,104 (English Hons.) Download
BEGG-171 (English Hons.) Download
BHDC-101,102, 103,104 (Hindi Hons.) Download
BUDC-131/BUDLA-135, 132,133 (Urdu) Download
BGGCT-131 Hindi (Geography) Download
BTMC-131,132, 133,134, 135,136,137,138 (Math/BAVTM) Download
BANC-101, 102,103,104 (Anthropology) Download
BANC- 131, 132, 133 (Anthropology) Download
BECC-101,102, 103,104 (Economics) Download
BECC-131, 132,133 (Economics) Download
BECS-184 ankush kuma (Economics) Download
BHIC-131,132, 133 (History) Download
BPSC-101, 102,103, 104 (Political Science) Download
BPSC-131, 132, 133, 134 (Political Science) Download
BPCC-131, 132,133 (Psychology) Download
BPAC-101, 102,103, 104 (Public Administration) Download
BPAC-131, 132,133, 134 (Public Administration) Download
BSOC-101, BSOC-102, BSOC-104, BSOC-106 (Sociology) Download
BSOC-131, 132,133 (Sociology) Download
BPAG-171, BPAG-172 (Generic Elective) Download
BSOG-171, BPCG-172 (Generic Elective) Download
BGDG-172 (Generic Elective) Download
BESC-131 (Education) Download
BANS-183 (Ability/Skill Enhancement) Download
BEGAE-182, BHDS-183 (Ability/Skill Enhancement) Download
BPCS-183, BPCS-185 (Ability/Skill Enhancement) Download
BHDAE-182 (Ability/Skill Enhancement) Download
BEGS-183 (Ability/Skill Enhancement) Download
BHDLA-138 (MIL Courses) Download
BODLA-135 (MIL Courses) Download
BANS-183, BANS-184 (Ability/Skill Enhancement Courses (English|Hindi) Download
BCOS-183,184 (Ability/Skill Enhancement Courses (English|Hindi) Download
BECS-184 (Ability/ Skill Enhancement Courses (English|Hindi) Download
BPAS-184 (Ability/Skill Enhancement Courses (English|Hindi) Download
BPCS-183,184, 185,186,187,188 (Ability/Skill Enhancement Courses(English |Hindi) Download
BSOS-184 (Ability/Skill Enhancement Courses (English|Hindi)) Download
BPCG-171,173 (Generic Elective Courses (English|Hindi)) Download
BSOG-171, BSOG-173 (Generic Elective Courses (English|Hindi)) Download
BBCCT-101, 103, 105, 107(Biochemistry) Download
BANC-105 BANC-106 (Anthropology) Download
FEG-01/ BEGF-101, FEG-02 (Foundation Courses) Download
FHD-02 (Foundation Courses) Download
FUD-01 (Foundation Courses) Download
BBHF-001 (Foundation Courses) Download
BHDF-101 (Foundation Courses) Download
FBG-01 (Foundation Courses) Download
EHI-01 to EHI-07 History (English|Hindi)) Download
BHIE-107 History (English|Hindi)) Download
BSHF-101 History (English|Hindi)) Download
EHD-01 to EHD-08 (Hindi Elective) Download
BHDE-101, 106,107, 108 (Hindi Elective) Download
BGSE-001 (Hindi|English Elective) Download
BEGE-101 to BEGE-108 (English Elective) Download
EEG-01,02,06 (English Elective) Download
ATR-01 (BDP: Application Oriented Courses(English)) Download
AFW-01 (BDP: Application Oriented Courses(English)) Download
AWR-01/ BEGA-102 (BDP:Application Oriented Courses(English)) Download
BEGA-001 (BDP:Application Oriented Courses(English)) Download
ACC-01 (BDP:Application Oriented Courses (English|Hindi)) Download
BRPA-101 (BDP:Application Oriented Courses(Hindi)) Download
BHDA-101 /AFW (BDP:Application Oriented Courses(Hindi)) Download
BULE-001 to BLUE-006 (Elective in Urdu) Download
BPY-001 to BPY-004 (Electives in Philosophy 1st year ) Download
BPY-005 to BPY-008 (Electives in Philosophy 2nd year) Download
BPY-009 to BPY-012, BPYE-001,002 (Electives in Philosophy 3rd Year) Download
BPSE-212 (Politcal Science) Download
EPS-03 (Politcal Science) Download
EPS-06,07, 08,09 (Politcal Science) Download
EPS-011,012 (Politcal Science) Download
ESO-11,12, 13,14 (Sociology ( Hindi/English)) Download
EPA-01,03, 05,06 ( Public Administration (Hindi/English)) Download
BPAE-102, BPAE-104 ( Public Administration (Hindi/English)) Download
BECE-002 (Economics (Hindi/English)) Download
BECE-015, 016 (Economics (Hindi/English)) Download
BECE-107 (Economics (Hindi/English)) Download
BECE-214 (Economics (Hindi/English)) Download
EEC-011, 012,013 (Economics (Hindi/English)) Download
ACS-001 (Law English|Hindi) Download
BRDE-101 (Rural Development) Download
PHE-01,02,04, 05,06, 07,09,10,11, 13,14,15,16 English (Physics) Download
CHE-01,02, 04,05,06, 09 English (Chemistry) Download
LSE-01,02, 03,05,06, 07,09,10,12, 13 English (Life Science) Download
MTE-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 English (Mathematics) Download
AHE-01 English (Application Oriented Courses) Download
AMT-01 English (Application Oriented Courses) Download
APM-01 English (Application Oriented Courses) Download
AOR-01 English ( Application Oriented Courses) Download
AST-01 English (Application Oriented Courses) Download
AEC-01 English ( Application Oriented Courses) Download
PHE-01,02,04, 05,06,07, 09,10,11,13, 14,15,16 Hindi (Physics) Download
CHE-01,02, 04,05,06, 09 Hindi (Chemistry) Download
LSE-01,02,03, 05,06,07, 09,10,12,13 Hindi (Life Science) Download
MTE-01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 Hindi (Mathematics) Download
AHE-01 Hindi (Application Oriented Courses) Download
AMT-01 Hindi (Application Oriented Courses) Download
APM-01 Hindi (Application Oriented Courses) Download
AOR-01 Hindi (Application Oriented Courses) Download
AST-01 Hindi (Application Oriented Courses) Download
AEC-01 Hindi (Application Oriented Courses) Download
ECO-11 Appendix (English) Download
AED-01 (English) Download
AMK-01 (English) Download
AOM-01 (English) Download
ASP-01 (English) Download
BCOA-001 (English) Download
ECO-01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 007 (English) Download
ECO-09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (English) Download
BCOE-108 (English) Download
PCO-01 (English) Download
ECO-11 Appendix (Hindi) Download
AED-01 (Hindi) Download
AMK-01 (Hindi) Download
AOM-01 (Hindi) Download
ASP-01 (Hindi) Download
BCOA-001 (Hindi) Download
ECO-01, 02, 03, 05, 06, 007 (Hindi) Download
ECO-09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 (Hindi) Download
BCOE-108 (Hindi) Download
PCO-01 (Hindi) Download
BNS-101 to BNS-105 (B.Sc.N.(PB) 1ST YEAR) Download
BNS-106 BNS-108 (B.Sc.N.(PB) 2nd YEAR) Download
BNS-109 to BNS-111 (B.Sc.N.(PB) 3rd YEAR) Download
BCOS-186 Download

How to search Assignment/course code properly?

Are you looking for your Ignou assignment QUESTION paper? Here’s how to quickly find it on our website.

  1.  Go to our search bar and type in the “assignment/course/subject” code.
  2.  From the results, click on the download button.
  3. On the Ignou website, navigate to the page section for your course.
  4. From there, you can find your assignment paper. 
  5. For example, if you search begae182, then you will see the result like this BEGAE-182, BHDS-183 (Ability/Skill Enhancement). Here ability enhancement means you will get that assignment question paper in the skill enhancement section.

If you’re having trouble finding the question paper or any another issue, please leave us a comment and we’ll fix or update the assignment paper link as soon as possible.

43 thoughts on “Download IGNOU assignment Question Paper for any course”

  1. Hii maine June 22 mein admission lyi hai year based mein toh mujhe pta ni lg rha jo assignments hmne ready krni hai toh uske questions paper konse session k download kre 2021- ya 2022 – 2023 ke plsss help Me and one more thing is that k mera student portal app kaam ni kr rha uppr not found a rha hai pls reply me mujhe batayiye

  2. Hlo mam/sir I took admission in July 2022 in year based and am so confused that which session of assignments should I make like 21-22 or 2022-23 .pls help me and solve my this prblm

  3. How am I gonna get all the notifications related to Bachelors of Arts ( English Honours) & should I have to go study centre all the time ?

  4. Hi, I am a new student in the July 2022 session for the Bachelor’s of biochemistry(BSCBCH) degree but I am really confused about the assignments submission date and exam date for our session, even Ignou’s all websites are not updated with the recent admission cycle and I am not understanding my course is semester based or year based! Please help.

  5. Hi I am a dnhe july session student
    I am not able to know when do I have to submit the assignments and what does date sheet means
    I am very confused help me

    • Hi Neha.
      DNHE is a one-year Diploma program if your session is July 2022 then you have to submit your assignments in march 2023 and the exam will be in July 2023
      for more details on how and where to submit assignments Read This Click Here

  6. I am from bba in retailing program (July 2022) in 1st year.but assignment is not showing about the session 2022 -23. My exam is semester based.nd I have to submit my assignment till 30th september.plzz tell me what should I do. Nd one problem is that there is new syllabus from july2022. I think 2 subject is additional from this session.nd in previous year assignment there was no about the additional sub course details in assignment.

    • Hii Supriya.
      BBA in retailing is a year-wise programme you can check here as well. so if your session is in July 2022 then you will have to submit your assignments in march 2023. IGNOU will Release the assignment paper before that.
      Thank You

      • No, actually while filling the application form there was subject divided into semester that’ why I was saying my exam will be held on Dec 2022 nd My assignment submission date on 30th sep. Plzz clear me about my assignment and exam that will be on semester base or yearly base.

        • BBA Programme(in retailing) Total Fee is 30000 something If you Paid 10000(excluded registration charges) during admission then its year wise and if you paid 5000 then its sem wise, in year wise programmes we need to pay three times fee and in sem wise programme we need to pay 6 times. Hope You understood.
          Thank You

        • I took admission in CCITSK Course i can’t able to download my assignment questions my course code is BPO16, BPO17 i don’t know when is my assignment date

  7. I didn’t find my assignment question paper. Can u please upload mcom 2nd year hindi medium assignment question paper. It is not available.


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