IGNOU BAFSM Previous Year Question Papers

Looking for IGNOU BAFSM previous year question papers for your upcoming Examination, you can find them here. We have uploaded the last 10 years old question papers here, from all the semesters of IGNOU Bachelor of Arts (Facility and Services Management) (BAFSM), Just click on the link and download the PDF for free. solving these Previous year papers will help you understand the syllabus better and give you an idea of the types of questions that are asked in the exam.


Course CodeCourse Title
BEGAE 182English Communication Skills
BFO 001Basics of Management
BFO 002Building Services and Maintenance-I
BFO 003Basics of Facility Management


Course CodeCourse Title
BEGLA 136English at the Workplace
BEVAE 181Environmental Studies
BFO 004Building Services and Maintenance-II
BFO 005Fire Safety in Facilities


Course CodeCourse Title
CIT 001Fundamentals of Computer Systems
BFO 006Professional Ethics
BFO 007Safety and Security in Facilities
BFO 008Managing Housekeeping Services


Course CodeCourse Title
BFO 009Human Resource Management
BFO 010Hygiene, Sanitation and Waste Management
CIT 002Introduction to Information Technology
BFO 011Managing Facilities-I (Catering Facilities)


Course CodeCourse Title
BFO 012Basic Accounts and Finance
BFO 013Material Management
BFO 014Practices and Applications of Facility Management-I
BFO 015Managing Facilities-II (Accommodation Facilities)


Course CodeCourse Title
BFO 016Emergency Preparedness
BFO 017Practices and Applications of Facility Management-II
BFO 018Entrepreneurship in Small and Medium Busines
BFOP 001Dissertation

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