IGNOU BASOH Previous Year Question Papers

Looking for Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Sociology (BASOH), previous year Exam question papers  for your upcoming Examination, you can find them here. We have uploaded the last 10 years old question papers here, from all the semesters of IGNOU BA Economics, Just click on the link and download the PDF for free. solving these IGNOU BASOH previous year question papers Previous year papers will help you understand the syllabus better and give you an idea of the types of questions that are asked in the exam.

BA Sociology(Honours) all Year Old Papers(Compulsory and Elective)

Course TitleCourse Code
BSOC 101Introduction to Sociology I
BSOC 102Sociology of India – I
BSOC 103Introduction to Sociology II
BSOC 104Sociology of India – II
BSOC 105Political Sociology
BSOC 106Sociology of Religion
BSOC 107Sociology of Gender
BSOC 108Economic Sociology
BSOC 109Sociology of Kinship
BSOC 110Social Stratification
BSOC 111Sociological Thinkers -I
BSOC 112Sociological Research Methods -I
BSOC 113Sociological Thinkers -II
BSOC 114Sociological Research Methods -II
BSOE 141Urban Sociology
BSOE 143Environmental Sociology
BANE 143Tribal Cultures of India
BSOE 142Indian Sociological Traditions
BSOE 144Reading Ethnographies
BANE 144Visual Anthropology
BEVAE 181Environmental Studies
BEGAE 182English Communication Skills
BHDAE 182हिन्दी भाषा और संप्रेषण
BANS 183Tourism Anthropology
BPCS 183Emotional Intelligence
BPCS 185Developing Emotional Competence
BHDS 183अनुवाद : सिद्धांत और प्रविधि
BEGS 183Writing And Study Skills
BEGS 185English Language Teaching
BSOS 184Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making
BANS 184Public Health and Epidemiology
BECS 184Data Analysis
BPCS 184School Psychology
BPCS 186Managing Stress
BPAS 184Logistics Management
BHDS 184रेडियो लेखन
BEGS 186Business Communication
BPCG 171General Psychology
BPAG 171Disaster Management
BEGG 171Media & Communication Skills
BPYG 171Applied Ethics
BABG 171Philosophy of Religion
ONR 003Water Harvesting, Conservation and Utilization
BGDG 172Gender Sensitization : Society and Culture
BPCG 172Youth, Gender and Identity
BPAG 172Governance: Issues and Challenges
BEGG 172 Language and Linguistics
BPYG 172Philosophy of Religion
BPCG 173Psychology for Health and Well Being
BPAG 173E –governance
BHDG 173सभाचाय ऩत्र औय पीचय रेखन
BEGG 173Academic Writing And Composition
BSKG 173आधार संस्कृत
BPAG 174Sustainable Development
BPCG 174Psychology and Media

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