IGNOU MBA Study Materials: Latest e-books Download Free

If you’re searching for IGNOU MBA study materials, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can easily access and download the latest IGNOU MBA e-books and materials in PDF format. Our collection covers a wide range of disciplines offered within the IGNOU MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA) program.

To access these e-books, simply click on the provided link, and you can start downloading the PDFs for free. By reading these materials, you’ll be able to enhance your understanding of the subjects.

These books are in English, Hindi, and other regional languages. You’ll find the right materials for you on the list, no matter your preferred language.


1st Semester Old Papers

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Links
MMPC-001Management Functions and  Organisational Processes Download
MMPC-002Human Resource ManagementDownload
MMPC-003Business EnvironmentDownload
MMPC-004Accounting for ManagersDownload
MMPC-005Quantitative Analysis for Managerial  ApplicationsDownload
MMPC-006Marketing ManagementDownload
MMPC-007Business CommunicationDownload

2nd Semester Old Papers

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Links
MMPC-008Information Systems for ManagersDownload
MMPC-009Management of Machines and MaterialsDownload
MMPC-010 Managerial EconomicsDownload
MMPC-011Social Processes and Behavioural IssuesDownload
MMPC-012Strategic ManagementDownload
MMPC-013Business LawsDownload
MMPC-014Financial ManagementDownload

3rd Semester Old Papers

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Links
MMPC-015Research Methodology for Management DecisionsDownload
MMPC-016International Business ManagementDownload

3rd Semester Specialization Courses Old Papers

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Links
MMPF-001Working Capital ManagementDownload
MMPF-002Capital Investment and Financing DecisionsDownload
MMPF-003Management Control SystemsDownload
MMPF-006Management of Financial ServicesDownload
MMPH-001Organizational Theory and DesignDownload
MMPH-002Human Resource DevelopmentDownload
MMPH-004Industrial and Employment RelationsDownload
MMPH-007Compensation and Reward ManagementDownload
MMPM-001Consumer BehaviorDownload
MMPM-002Sales ManagementDownload
MMPM-003Product and Brand ManagementDownload
MMPM-005Marketing of ServicesDownload
MMPO-001Operations ResearchDownload
MMPO-002Project ManagementDownload
MMPO-005Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementDownload
MMPO-006Material ManagementDownload

4th Semester Old Papers

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload Links
MMPC-017Advance Strategic ManagementDownload
MMPC-019Total Quality ManagementDownload
MMPC-020Business Ethics and CSRDownload

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