IGNOU MEC Study Materials: Latest e-books Download Free

If you’re searching for IGNOU MEC study materials, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can easily access and download the latest IGNOU MEC e-books and materials in PDF format. Our collection covers a wide range of disciplines offered within the IGNOU Master of Arts (Economics)(MEC) program.

To access these e-books, simply click on the provided link, and you can start downloading the PDFs for free. By reading these materials, you’ll be able to enhance your understanding of the subjects.

These books are in English, Hindi, and other regional languages. You’ll find the right materials for you on the list, no matter your preferred language.


1st Year

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MEC-101Microeconomic AnalysisClick Here
MEC-2Macroeconomic AnalysisClick Here
MEC-103Quantitative MethodsClick Here
MEC-4Economics of Growth and DevelopmentClick Here
MEC-205Indian Economic PolicyClick Here

2nd Year

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MEC-106Public EconomicsClick Here
MEC-7International Trade and FinanceClick Here
MEC-108Economics of Social Sector and EnvironmentClick Here
MEC-109Research Methods in EconomicsClick Here

Optional Courses

Course CodeCourse TitleDownload
MECE-001Econometric MethodsClick Here
MECE-003Actuarial Economics: Theory and PracticeClick Here
MECE-004Financial Institutions and MarketsClick Here
MECP-101Project WorkClick Here
MWG-11Women in the EconomyClick Here
MGSE-9Gender Issues in Work
Employment andProductivity
Click Here
MEDSE-46Development Issues and PerspectivesClick Here

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