How To Submit IGNOU Assignment (Online And Offline Process 2024)

If you are new to IGNOU University, it can be very confusing that how to submit IGNOU Assignment after writing and preparing the assignment file. So Don’t worry; we’re here to help you. After reading this post, you will not doubt the IGNOU assignment submission process. This blog post will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can submit them correctly in different ways .

Where & How To submit The IGNOU Assignment

There are multiple ways to submit the IGNOU Assignments. You can submit your assignments offline by visiting your study centre, or you can also submit online(Only if Regional Center Allows Online Mode) by google form or via email provided by the regional centre. Here we will share all the ways in detail.

Note:-The student has to submit the assignments only through one medium, the online assignment portal or as a hard copy at his study centre.

Offline Process 2024

The primary and general way to submit the ignou assignment is the offline mode. In this mode, you will have to visit your study centre, and you can give them directly. You can find your study centre address on your IGNOU ID Card and also on your registration portal. After giving your assignments, don’t forget to take the submission slip for future reference.

How To Submit assignment through Courier if the study center is far from you

If you are far from your study centre, you should contact them via their email or contact number. They will provide the proper instructions to post the assignments at their office address. Few study centres allow you to post the assignments through any courier service if you are not present in the current address of your study center. This is how you can submit your assignments via any courier service but always remember this facility provides only a few study centres; not all of them.

Online Process 2024

Due to the pandemic, a few regional centres of IGNOU have started the online submission of IGNOU assignments. If students cannot visit the study centre, they can use the online mode via google form and email address. Here is the complete step-by-step process to submit in online mode.

  1. Visit Your IGNOU regional Center Official website
  2. Go To the News and Announcement Section
  3. Here You will find The Notification about assignment Submission
  4. Simply Click on it, here you will get email or google form link to upload the assignments with all the instruction

Note:-If you Are Not getting The Link in News Or Announcement Section, then your Regional Center is Not accepting The assignments online. You’ll Have to Submit a physical hard copy to your study centre.

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Via Google Form

If you get the notification to submit the assignments via a google form, follow these steps.

  1. Open Google Form By clicking on it
  2. Login into Google Form using Your id password
  3. On the top of the Google Form, You Will get the Name of Your Regional Center and Instruction To Upload the PDF File same as Below Image
ignou online assignments submission via google form 1
  • Follow The Instructions And Upload Your Assignments Properly

Via Email Address

If You Get An Option To Submit The Assignments Via Email, Then Follow These Steps

  1. First Of all, write down the Email Address where You Have to send the Assignments file
  2. Login into Your Email Account
  3. Compose your Email and fill in all your details, e.g. name, enrollment number, programme study centre code, etc
  4. Upload all the handwritten scanned pdf at once

Instructions To Follow Before Submitting The Assignments in Online Mode

Each Regional centre Has Individual Instructions for submission, follow them carefully to avoid rejection of Assignment. Here we are sharing the general instructions which are applicable on all regional center

  1. Only handwritten Assignments are accepted. (Type/Computer prepare Assignment are not Allowed)
  2. The Scanned assignments PDF must be clearly visible. If the assignments of a student cannot be read/seen, then his assignments will be rejected without any notice, which will be the responsible by the student himself.
  3. The maximum size of the PDF file of the assignment should not exceed 100 MB
  4. Attach Front Page, Question Paper In each Assignment
  5. Named The PDF File According To Your Regional Center Instructions
  6. Don’t Re-submit The Assignments
  7. If you submit a hard copy to your study centre, then don’t submit via online mode
  8. If a student is unable to submit the assignment online, they can submit their assignment in hard copy at their Study Center.
  9. Enter your personal mail ID at the time of the assignment submission.
  10. On The Assignment Submission Portal, Submit Only Assignments Don’t submit Projects, Synopsis etc.
  11. PDF password or Access Permission should not be there, if PDF password or Access Permission is applied for any Assignment PDF, they will be rejected without notice, which will be the self-responsible student.

Know How many Times You Have To Submit The Assignments in A Year

There are two types of programs at IGNOU University, semester-based and year-based. If you appear in exams twice a year, like for BCA, MCA, and MBA,, programs, then you are in a semester-based program. And If you appear in exams only once a year, like  BA, B.Com, M.Com, B.Sc, and M.Sc programs, then you are in a year-based program. So if your programme is year-based, you have to submit assignments once a year, and if your programme is sem-based, you have to submit twice a year.
You need to log in to your admission portal to know whether your programme is year-wise or sem-wise. you can also check this list to know.

When to Submit IGNOU Assignment

Same as Programme, there are two cycles/sessions at IGNOU University. One is from January to June(called the January session), and the other is from July to December(called the July session), so if you have been admitted, in the January session and Your course is semester-wise, so you will have to submit the Assignments in March.  And if your course is yearly-wise and you have taken admission in Jan, so you have to submit the assignments in September.

Same as Above, if you took admission in July and your programme is sem-based, then you need to submit in September, and for the year-based programme, you have to submit in next year March

Last date For Submitting The Assignments

The general due date for assignment submission is usually as follows:

SessionLast Date
July 2024 Session For Sem Based ProgrammeSeptember 31st October 2024
July 2024 Session For Year Based ProgrammeMarch 31st 2025
January 2024 Session Sem-Based ProgrammeMarch 31st 30th 2024
Jan 2024 Session Year-Based ProgrammeOctober 31st 2024

Although the submission date for assignments may be further extended, we recommend not waiting for the extension and submit the assignments before the due dates. You can stay updated on notifications from your regional centers.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where Should We Submit IGNOU Assignment?

You have to submit your assignments to your study center if you don’t know which is your study center simply log in your account on IGNOU website here you will find your study center code name and address simply visit there and submit. You can also submit online only if your Regioanl Center Accepting in online Mode.

Can I Submit IGNOU Assignment After Due Date?

No, You Can’t Not Submit Your Assignments if the last date is over, but still, you should visit your study center they allow submission in a few cases if you describe the genuine issue to them.

What To Do If You Failed in IGNOU Assignment?

if You Failed in any Assignment Then You will Have to write the latest assignment and re-submit that to your study center.

Can we submit IGNOU Assignment At Regional Center?

No, You can not submit Your assignment at Regional Center. You can only submit at your study centre, and if you try to submit at the regional centre, they will re-direct you to study center.

Can I Re-Submit IGNOU Assignment If I Am Not Satisfied With My Marks?

No, Once you get Passed in the Assignments you can not re-submit them, so prepare your assignment wisely.

Is It Important To submit The IGNOU Assignments?

This is mandatory to submit assignments before the due date for every student in IGNOU, Assignments carry a total number of 30% marks in the overall percentage of a student. if you don’t submit the assignments your grade card will not be completed and if you forget or not able to submit the assignments due to any problem so you can submit it next time/in your next session with your other assignments.


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  1. I really appreciate the blog post on how to submit IGNOU assignments offline and online. It is really helpful.

  2. I really appreciate the blog post on how to submit IGNOU assignments offline and online. It is really helpful.

  3. I really appreciate the blog post on how to submit IGNOU assignments offline and online. It is really helpful.

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