Passing Marks in IGNOU Exams and Assignments 2024

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Passing marks in IGNOU generally depends on the course you are taking for example, in some courses, passing marks are 35 out of 100, and in some courses, 40 out of 100 and for 50 marks paper these are 18 and 20 out of 50. Today, we will tell you the exact passing marks in your BA, BAG,, BSc, mom mca MBA etc. programmes. Always remember An IGNOU student needs to pass separately in both assignments and theory exams.

IGNOU Has More than 500+ Bachelor’s, Master’s Degree and Diploma/Certification Programme, all of them have a particular programme guide where you can find the passing marks. We have researched a lot from IGNOU’s official site and compiled a list of passing marks from official prospects, and listed them here.

Passing Marks in IGNOU Bachelor’s Degree 

All IGNOU Bachelor’s Degree (BA, BAG,,, BTS, BDP etc.) course Passing Marks is 35% means 35 Out of 100 and 18 out of 50 excluding BCA Programme. BCA Students Need 40% means 40 out of 100 or 20 out of 50 to get passed.

ProgrammePassing Marks in Theory examsPassing marks in Assignment
BA, BAG,,, BTS, BDP  etc.
(All Bachelor’s Degree
except below two programmes)
35 out of 100
18 out of 50
09 out of 25
26 out of 25

35 out of 100

40 out of 100
20 out of 50

BCS-040 Passing Marks are 18 Out of 50
40 out of 100
B.ED(Bachelor of Education)“C” Grade (50%-59%)“D” Grade (40%-49%)

Passing Marks in IGNOU Master’s Degree Programmes

Passing Marks in IGNOU Master’s Degree Programmes is 40 Out of 100 and there is a grade system in few masters programme like MBA and MARD so in these courses student need D grade to get passed

Programme Passing Marks in Theory ExamsPassing Marks in Assignment
(All Masters’ Degree)
40 out of 100
20 out of 50
40 out f 100
MBA“C” Grade (50%-59%)“D” Grade (40%-49%)
MARD“C” Grade (50%-59%)“D” Grade (40%-49%)

NoteFor successfully qualifying a course, a student need to obtain at least ā€˜Cā€™ Grade in both continuous and term-end examinations and also the overall average grade should be at least ā€˜Cā€™ grade for the successful completion of that course.

Grade System

A student is required to score at least 40% marks which is D Grade in both assignments and theory. here is a list of iGNOU grade system.

grade system in IGNOU
Source: IGNOU Prospect

Diploma/Certificate Programmes Passing Marks

To pass the Diploma/Certificate course from IGNOU, students need to obtain a minimum of 40% marks in each subject in both theory exams as well as in assignments.

ProgrammePassing marks in ExamsPassing Marks in Assignments

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Why Result Shows Not-completed

if you see that your grade card shows not-completed when you check your grades, there you’ll see two main sections one for assignments marks and one for theory exam marks , and some have an extra one for practical labs or projects. If your result is incomplete, it usually means you haven’t passed one of these sections. For example, if you scored 55 in theory but only 33 in assignments, your result will be incomplete due to assignment failure. No worries, though! Just re-write that assignment of current session and submit to your study center. The same rule applies to theory exams, labs, or projects. Fail in any, and you’ll need to do that again. So, that’s how you can complete the result.


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